ASAP Foundation: The mission
The Asap Foundation was the brainchild of Katrin Brass and Lluis Gibert, born after many years of collaborating anonymously with a number of organisations that are developing aid projects around the world.

After 15 years' travelling on every continent and seeing the realities of the world, Katrin and Lluis decided to create the Asap Foundation to enable governments, companies or individuals to openly contribute towards different aid projects and to help make the world a better place for many people.

Through the Asap Foundation, they can also debate other members' proposals and ideas to help contribute to future projects.

The director of the Asap Foundation is Miss Carol Vilella, who can be contacted at:

La Casa de les Punxes
Avinguda Diagonal 420, Pral, 1ª
08037 Barcelona

Message from the board
Having travelled extensively, we realised we had a unique opportunity to make a difference to many lives and the Asap Foundation was set up with this in mind. By making regular donations to a host of charitable foundations, Asap Worldwide gives hope and support to people around the world.

The Bombay Smiles project is one example of where we are making a difference. Read on to find out about other projects supported by the Asap Foundation, and how you can get involved. The mission of the Asap Foundation is to develop new aid projects in needy countries around the world, to help them increase the quality of life for their people and to develop a Corporate Social Responsibility for Asap Worldwide. It is also our mission to help entities to develop medical products that can then be utilized in different countries of the world that will help eradicate illnesses such as malaria.

Another of our missions is to allocate all of the donations coming from entities, governments or individuals in an open and transparent manner and to keep donors abreast of the progress of the projects towards which they have contributed.

“We do our bit to make the world a better place with the help of everyone.”

ASAP Foundation Projects

Active Africa

An NGO that develops social projects in the following areas: children, education, training, women, agriculture, senior citizens and AIDs, in Malawi and Kenya. For more information, visit

Orphanage Africa

An NGO promoted by our Commercial Director Nicky Keefe, whose aim is to help orphans and young children in Ghana, by creating sustainable environments, health and warmth and provide care, education and assist with a better quality of life.
For more information, visit

Smiles of Bombay

For two years, Asap Worldwide has been sponsoring 12 children in Bombay to improve their education and give them a better start in life. For more information, visit


In collaboration with the United Nations, Unicef aims to guarantee children's rights in its various aid projects which includes helping those affected by the Indian Ocean's tsunami in 2004, and the prevention of AIDS in Angola, amongst others. For more information, visit

Marato de TV3

For the last four years, Asap has been involved in different editions of the Marató Foundation of TV3, whose mission is to promote and develop biomedical investigation and social awareness. In 2007, the organisation joined the fight against cardiovascular diseases. For more information, visit:

Special Olympics

An organisation that aids the personal development and integration of people with intellectual difficulties in sporting activities. For more information, visit